Friday, March 26, 2010

The Suzy Q Cake

Or so it is going to be named. The cake was a hit with the Relief Society sisters. It tasted great which made me very happy!
Ok here is the photographic journey. 
This cake venture started with 4 boxes of Cake Mix and 16 eggs...yep you read that right...SIXTEEN!
Mixed it all up and threw them in the oven. They turned out beautifully...

 Next came trimming the top to make it flat, the crumb coat and then trimming the sides...

 Next came the chocolate fondant and decorating. Ahhhh the FUN PART!

LOL my piping leaves something to be desired. And the first CNF bumper sticker I put on only had half the chocolate piping...but nobody noticed. But I had to include a picture of the 'bad side'.  The chocolate looking pieces  are  Chocolate Plastic. VERY easy to make and super tasty!!! And only 2 ingredients...chocolate chips and corn syrup.:)

And then it was off to The Relief Society Birthday dinner...where it was CONSUMED! I was very happy that everyone loved the cake AND they even ate the FONDANT!! Hooray!!! Fondant cake #2 is a success!

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