Monday, January 4, 2010

The Fondant Mystery

Before I even thought about trying my hand at decorating cakes I had this total aversion to fondant. A person could have the most BEAUTIFUL cake in the world...and that fondant would STILL be gross. Oh it looked pretty and smooth and delish...but one taste would let you know that your dreams were shattered. Then you did like everyone else and peeled the nastiness off to get to the buttercream...the saving grace of the fondant. I even had my own wedding cake done in ONLY buttercream because of my low opinion.
I knew I would have to face this demon if I was going to take on this challenge/hobby. I searched the internet for fondant recipes that TASTED good and the only one I ran across Marshmallow Fondant. Yep you read right...marshmallow fondant...or as the pros call it...MM Fondant. Here is a visual journey through my first try at making MM Fondant. I think I may have found a fondant that I love...I even tasted it! I was nervous I will be honest..but it was GOOD!!!!!

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